Dr. Apryl Steele

President and CEO

Dr. Apryl Steele is the President and CEO of the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO. After practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years, she had the honor of joining the League to advocate for animals who are vulnerable due to homelessness, mistreatment, or their owner’s financial situation.
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Bud Jeffress

Vice President of Finance and Administration

As a well-respected nonprofit organization known for its transparency and integrity, the Dumb Friends League strives every day to be a good steward of the resources it receives from the public to make a difference in homeless animals’ lives. Critical to that effort is Bud Jeffress.
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Laurie Peterson

Vice President of Development, Marketing, Communications and Education

Vice President of Development Laurie Peterson has 15 years of corporate experience. With a passion for animal welfare, Laurie transitioned to the non-profit sector 11 years ago, and her most recent position was at the Morris Animal Foundation.
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Jodi Lytle Buckman

Vice President of Veterinary Services

As a college student, Jodi Buckman planned to attend veterinary school, but she was offered a job leading a shelter in Maine shortly after graduating, and she never looked back. The Dumb Friends League is excited that Jodi joined our team as Vice President of Veterinary Services in March 2020. Jodi earned a bachelor’s degree……
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Rebecca Holmes

Vice President of People and Strategic Initiatives

With a passion for creating exceptional employment experiences for employees, Rebecca Holmes joins the Dumb Friends League team as Director of Human Resources.
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Kristin Elliott

Director of Animal Experience

Kristin Elliott’s love of all animals began as a child. Her family rescued pets, bottle-fed cats, and her compassion toward animals was nurtured and continued to thrive throughout her life.
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Maia Brusseau

Director of Marketing and Communications

Maia Brusseau began her career at the Dumb Friends League in 2017 as a public relations manager and is excited to start her new role as Director of Marketing and Communications. As a lifelong animal lover who grew up with pets, Maia always knew she wanted to work with animals. She thought she wanted to……
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Eric Parker

Director of Facilities

Eric Parker has more than 14 years of experience in facility operations and project management and began his facilities career at the Dumb Friends League in 2007. Most recently, he oversaw commercial assets for a mission-based real estate organization focused on meeting critical community needs. Eric is well-versed in energy efficiency and sustainability, and everyone……
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Tori Williams

Director of Shelter Veterinary Services

Tori Williams came to the Dumb Friends League almost three years ago from the Richmond SPCA, where she worked for more than six years in various roles, including the director of their low-cost vet hospital, which also provided spay/neuter and medical care for shelter and animal control animals. During college breaks from Longwood University, Tori……
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Sharon Thomas

Director of Community Veterinary Services

Initially, Sharon Thomas wanted to become a physical therapist, but she quickly realized she was more passionate about animal medicine than people medicine. Sharon began her career in veterinary medicine as a certified veterinary technician, but after she sustained a severe cat bite that caused permanent damage to her right hand, she turned in a……
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Bobbi Priestly

Director, Field and Equine Services

Bobbi Priestly, a native Coloradan, always had a passion for animals, and she found her niche almost 20 years when she became an animal control officer. “Animals suffering from neglect is totally unacceptable, and someone needs to be that voice,” said Priestly. “I have a loud voice and truly want to help put an end……
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