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October 30, 2020

Bear: a tale with a tail

The Dumb Friends League has happy tales of all varieties—you know, pets that include dog tails, cat tails, and, yes, even hamster tails. Hamsters like Bear.

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October 28, 2020

Horses as pets? Of course!

Pets aren’t like family; they are family. When the time comes to add a new member to your home, you think about your lifestyle and what you want in a relationship. Maybe you want a pet to join you for walks, play games, listen to your problems while snuggling, relax when you give pets, get nuzzles or someone to nurture and love. We’re not talking about dogs, cats or rabbits. Think bigger. Much bigger. Think horse. That’s right. Let’s change your thinking about horses as pets!

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October 27, 2020

Black cat hocus pocus

If you step on a crack, you’re not going to break your mother’s back. You won’t be doomed for seven years if you break a mirror. If a black cat crosses your path, chances are it’s just trying to get to a comfy spot, and you’re not destined for something nefarious to happen. Speaking of superstitions, with Halloween mere days away, it’s not unusual for the Dumb Friends League staff to receive calls about the dangers of adopting black cats this time of year. These well-meaning supporters fear black cats will be adopted for wicked purposes, but is this just an urban legend?

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October 22, 2020

Painting for Pets: Cat on a Canvas

Join the Dumb Friends League for a night of painting and Halloween fun at Painting for Pets: Cat on a Canvas! Join us right before the spookiest night of the year to paint a beautiful black cat on canvas! Let our artistic expert virtually walk you through all the steps to help you paint while… More

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